CIO Summit 2016 is een productie van IDG Nederland en IDC Benelux
Digitale onderneming


10:00 - 10:20

The Third Great Wave of Invention and Economic Disruption

Digital is a game changer and should matter to every business leader
Ideas that seemed far-fetched just a few years ago can be brought to life quickly and economically in the digital era. And not just innovative new products and services, entirely new business models. The impact of digital goes far beyond familiar examples like Airbnb, Salesforce and Uber. Nearly every industry faces disruption, whether it’s by new entrants, well-known names, or both.

And the power behind it all: the network with the need for constant innovation
The constant in all this change — the critical foundation that makes it all possible - is the network: Your business’s central nervous system There are thousands of ways in which every aspect of your business, every employee, every project and customer transaction, and soon nearly every asset your company owns, depends on the network. It’s what enables teams to collaborate, data to be shared, processes to run, and informed and timely decisions to be made. Companies need networks that are fit, and stay fit for these purposes even as business needs change over time. This will require networks that are intelligent and able to dynamically reallocate capacity based on business rules; and do so with minimal manual intervention. As a leader in Global networking Verizon will provide their view of future networks as one of your key business enablers in the Digital era.


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